Building the Road to the Future with Training Data for Autonomous Vehicles

Featuring: Kuo Chin Lien, Head of Computer Vision – Appen Liz Otto Hamel, Product Manager – Appen AI continues to dominate when it comes to autonomous vehicle development. But as advancements in self-driving cars are made, it’s important for companies working with AI to stay on top of the latest trends, AI use cases, and more. We’ll cover the importance of autonomous vehicle training data as well best practices to future proof your data to ensure great mileage for your autonomous vehicle projects. Here are a few of the key topics that will be covered:
  • The types of training data you need, how much and where to get it
  • How to judge and ensure the quality of your training data
  • How to future proof your data
Website for deploying AI with world class training data


Andrew Ettinger | Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew Ettinger joined Appen as Chief Revenue Officer in May 2023 overseeing the company's revenue strategies and driving growth in the field of AI. He joined Appen with more than 25 years of sales experience in sales and services in the technology industry. 

Andrew's expertise extends to harnessing the power of data to drive insights and optimize processes. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Astronomer, he successfully grew the adoption of their open-source data solution, leading to a remarkable increase in monthly downloads and revenue. His strategic initiatives resulted in a 600% growth in customer count and a 75% win rate. 

Prior to joining Astronomer, he served as the VP of Sales at Pivotal Software, where he helped grow the business from zero to $100 million in annual recurring revenue in a single year leading up to Pivotal’s initial public offering, and up to $500 million thereafter. Under his leadership, the company achieved three consecutive years of 50% revenue growth, fueling digital transformations for Fortune 500 companies in various sectors. 

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from The Ohio State University.