Appen Releases State of AI Automotive Report

Research from the global leader in data for AI offers key insight into how the Automotive industry is working to create safer, more customized driving experiences.

KIRKLAND, Wash. – Jan. 25, 2023 – Today, Appen, the world leader in data for the AI lifecycle, announced the release of its State of AI Automotive Report. The report offers specific insights into how the transportation and automotive industries are leveraging artificial intelligence to improve driver and passenger experience, safety, and comfort. 

Appen’s research further underscores the important role AI – and the data powering these AI models – will play in the future of the automotive industry. According to survey respondents, some of the most important benefits AI will have on automotive experience include:  

  • Crash prevention  
  • Emissions reduction 
  • Fewer impaired driving incidents 
  • Improved traffic conditions 
  • Customized comfort  

“At Appen, we work with companies across a number of industries to power the deployment of safe, accurate, and comprehensive AI models around the world,” said Armughan Ahmad, CEO of Appen. “Our latest State of AI report indicates that AI has tremendous potential to make the automotive experience safer, more innovative, and more enjoyable than ever before.” 

In addition to the benefits of AI, Appen’s findings also noted optimism about the future of autonomous vehicles. While almost 80% of respondents indicated that they currently feel safe with autonomous vehicles on the road, those surveyed also indicated their confidence in a number of AI applications. According to the report:  

  • 89% of AI practitioners indicated that they agree or strongly agree that autonomous vehicles are the future of the industry 
  • 87% of AI practitioners agree or strongly agree that autonomous vehicles will reduce the number of impaired driving incidents 
  • 82% of AI practitioners agree or strongly agree that autonomous driving will relieve traffic congestion in the future 

“As we look to the future of the automotive industry, we’ll see two primary themes come to the forefront: safety and experience. Those include for drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and all others sharing the road.” added Sujatha Sagiraju, Chief Product Officer at Appen. “We’re at a pivotal moment in transportation and AI is leading the charge. With high-quality and inclusive data, those futuristic concepts are right around the corner.” 

While data is the lifeblood of any effective AI deployment, Appen’s research also uncovered the importance of human oversight to ensure accurate and safe rollout of AI across the transportation space. In fact, 97% of respondents noted that human-in-the-loop evaluation is important for accurate model performance, which allows for more collaboration and oversight to improve the effectiveness of AI and machine learning models. 

Appen’s research was conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll, which surveyed over 500 respondents from around the globe. To see the full State of AI Report from August, visit 2022 State of AI Report. 


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Andrew Ettinger | Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew Ettinger joined Appen as Chief Revenue Officer in May 2023 overseeing the company's revenue strategies and driving growth in the field of AI. He joined Appen with more than 25 years of sales experience in sales and services in the technology industry. 

Andrew's expertise extends to harnessing the power of data to drive insights and optimize processes. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Astronomer, he successfully grew the adoption of their open-source data solution, leading to a remarkable increase in monthly downloads and revenue. His strategic initiatives resulted in a 600% growth in customer count and a 75% win rate. 

Prior to joining Astronomer, he served as the VP of Sales at Pivotal Software, where he helped grow the business from zero to $100 million in annual recurring revenue in a single year leading up to Pivotal’s initial public offering, and up to $500 million thereafter. Under his leadership, the company achieved three consecutive years of 50% revenue growth, fueling digital transformations for Fortune 500 companies in various sectors. 

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from The Ohio State University.